Daily Feline Prompt: The elusive feline problem.

M - Swallow Tail Butterfly

Tabby“Tabby, taking it easy?”

“No, not really. I am metally preparing myself for a stratigic attack. Look up through the branches of the tree. An appetizer for my dinner.

“That is not a meal supplement, but a beautiful butterfly.”

“Now don’t get sentimental Mrs. Human, Butterflies are very beautiful I must admit: a feast not only for the eyes, but for the digestive organs.”

“I cannot agree. I love to see butterflies in the garden.”

“Yes Mrs.Human, wonderful appearance. And now I must concentrate, they can be very elusive.  I have to line it up and target the exact angle of attack. I also have to be patient. It is now quite high, but it will soon descend and then my time will arrive to pounce. I quite like those large butterflies, they have more meat in the body.”

“Tabby, I forbid you to eat that butterfly. I am glad to have them in the garden.”

“I agree again, Mrs. Human, but they only really live for a week. Just imagine this butterfly now only has a day left. They it would not really make a big difference if I ate it today. Would just shorten things up a bit.”

“In that case you could wait until nature takes its natural course and devour it when it is dead.”

“That is not logical Mrs. Human. Have you ever seen a dead butterfly.”

“No, Tabby, you usually eat them before they have a chance to die of natural causes.”

“It is a mercy killing Mrs. Human, and they are recycled as well.”

“Somehow I am losing the logic of your discussion Tabby.”

“Shhhh, look it is preparing for a flight. Watch me.”

“Tabby stop jumping up and clapping your front paws together.”

“Mrs. Human, do not make such a noise. You fightened it away. I missed it and now it has gone to another tree.”

“Quite right to. Why not try to catch a few worms or slugs?”

“Because they are not feline food, we leave them to the birds. It is all a matter of the circle of nature. The birds feed the slugs and worms to their babies, the babies grow up and if we felines are lucky we might catch a bird and eat it. Your see, nature regulates itself constantly, it is all a question of recycling.”

“Ok, but in the meanwhile leave the butterflies alone. They lay eggs that turn into caterpillars which the birds also like to eat. If you eat the butterfly, there are no caterpillars and no bird food.”

“I will have to think that over Mrs. Human, somewhere your logical thoughts do not comply with feline intelligence.”

The elusive feline problem