Daily Feline Prompt: The feline crisis


“Oh dear, meow, I have a crisis situation Mrs. Human.”

“Oh dear, can I help you Tabby?”

“I am beyond help Mrs. Human, I despair, I am unsure, I do not know where to turn to.”

“Tabby, this sounds serious. Do I have to take you to the vet.”

“Do you have a death wish Mrs. Human? Defintely not, I will just have to bear with it, and persevere, although it will not get better.”

“Perhaps there is a feline psychologist that can help.”

“Are you insinuating that I need psychological help? I will have to find my own solution, but it will be a difficult road to take.”

“I think you should now tell me all about it. Are you being bullied┬áby another feline perhaps?”

“Of course I am, but that is the feline way of life. If we were not bullied, there would be something missing. I bully Tiddles, Tiddles bullies Roschti, and Roschti only walks through my territoriy because he wants to bully me. No self-respecting feline would not bully. I can live with that. No it is something else.”

“Then tell me about it.”

“You would not understand, Humans never understand feline problems.”

“I might.”

“It is like this. I sit on the grass in the garden in the shade.”

“Is that not so good.”

“That is OK, but then the sun moves and I am no longer in the shade.”

“And that is your problem.”

“Of course it is. How would you like to search for a resting place every half an hour because the sun moves. It is most inconvenient and there is no end to the problem.”

“You could perhaps stay inside, then there is no sun. I believe tomorrow it will rain, then there will be no sun.”

“Is that your solution? Do you realise what that means. Water that arrives from above is almost as bad as sitting in a shady place when the sun moves and afterwards you are in the hot sun beating down on you. There is no cure, I am suffering, I have a crisis situation. It is most inconvenient, as the feline Politician Henry Paws Kissingfur said “there cannot be a feline crisis this week, my schedule is already full”.

“Look Tabby, there is a large cloud coming that will cover the sun for at least an hour.”

“At last, I can relax, my problem is solved for the time being. Although it will return again, I am sure – there is really no relief for a feline when in dire straits.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Crisis