Daily Feline Prompt: The Unstoppable feline


It is a stress life as a feline, humans do not realise the tasks I must complete. They think all I do it sleep and eat, but I am alert all the time. Even sleeping is a strain, I have to turn in a circle three times until I actually find the correct axis to turn on. You cannot imagine what can happen if I turn on the wrong spot. I might be facing in the wrong direction. How do I know it is the wrong direction? Of course I know, it is a feeling that only a feline realises, something like Mrs. Human not understanding why I do not like hard vitamin pellets in my food bowl. She finds them healthy, I find them yuck. One of the reasons my hairballs always appear after a dinner of vitamin pellets. I like to prove my point and hairballs are the best method of proving to a human the essence of the unstoppability of a feline.

So after measuring the tangent of the sun to my sleeping place, I can eventually turn my three circles and sink into oblivion, although oblivion means something completely different to a feline. Our oblivion is eyes closed but one ear open and whiskers ready to sense a change in the direction of the wind. The nose is also important to reaslise there are unwanted scents in the atmospherics. All felines have their own scent. Mine is perfect of course, but the others? I prefer not to talk about it. Perhaps there might be a territorial invader nearbye, so always make sure you have a quick and direct path to the cat flap. I should remain and stand my cat against invaders? Are you mad, I might lose the fight, fur will fly and there will be scratches. No, it is always better to play safe and escape to the inside of your home.

But I always return to brave the realities of daily feline life. You cannot stop me, and if there is a problem, I can always enrol the assistance of Mrs. Human who is very good at telling other felines to remove themself from my territory. Why do it all yourself, when you have a human slave I always say.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Unstoppable Feline