Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Admration


“Tabby Have you seen my mirror?”

“You mean the one with the pink frame?”

“Yes, do you have it?”

“I need it at the moment as an important object in my personal development.”

“But I need it as well.”

“You have a full length mirror in the hall, to check if you are perfect when leaving my home.”

“You can use that as well, I want the smaller mirror.”

“No chance. I need it.”

“Why does a feline need a mirror?”

“Why does a human need a mirror?”

“I like to be sure that I look OK before leaving.”

“And I like the reassurance that I am perfect. I could observe myself for hours in the mirror. I have such wonderful pointed ears. Have you seen the fur linings? That is a symbol of bravery, and of course an enhancement to my perfect facial aspects. Look at my whiskers: so well proportioned, I cannot believe how perfect I am. Each whisker has its own individual aspect of perfection.  A work of art, each one. Any not to mention my teeth, look Mrs. Human. I am never tired of admiring myself.”

“Very nice Tabby, but showing your teeth is quite threatening.”

“Very nice are not the words I wanted to hear. Each tooth is a proportion of beauty, reflecting my its individual symbolic. I am the perfect feline beauty. No, Mrs. Human leave that mirror here. I am not finished. I have only got to the teeth.”

“But I need it.”

“You do not need it, you just want it. I need it, it is a confirmation of my individual, unique features. I’m not going to lie: I still have days when I walk by the mirror on my way to the food bowl and think “What a perfect unique picture of feline beauty I am”. Can you think the same Mrs. Human?”

“No, not really, but then I am not a feline.”

“That is not the question, it is a fact that admiring myself regularly confirms my status in the feline world. I am the best since they tinned tuna fish. And now I must ponder on all the beauty reflected in the mirror when looking at myself. You may now have the mirror, Mrs. Human, but clean it and remove your finger marks before returning it to me that I have the same detailed perfect reflection.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Admiration