Daily Feline Prompt: The Dramatic Feline


“Tabby, you do not have to be afraid of the noise, it is only a thunder storm and will soon go away.”

“Who says I am afraid? Tabby felines are never afraid, we have the MacDonald “M” on our forehead. It is just that we felines had very sensitive ears. I can hear a can opener being used if I am on the far side of the garden.”

“Yes, I know Tabby. I only have to take it in my head and you appear, it is almost like magic.”

“It is not magic Mrs. Human, it is just the feline perfection and knowledge that tuna fish might be involved. Another proof of the inferior human equipment. I have often called you and my wish is disregarded because you do not hear me, or you are not paying attention, which is probably more the reason.”

“I always pay attention to your needs Tabby, but sometimes I have other things to do, like washing and ironing and cooking.”

“Mrs. Human the feline wishes should always be No. 1 on your list. I have never required you to wash or iron anything belonging to me, and my food arrives either in a  large plastic bag containing the infamous hard vitamin pellets, or in a tin where you apply the paw unfriendly tin opener. But these trivialities aside you must realise that a clap of thunder might sound like a normal bang to the undeveloped human ear, but to the finely tuned acoustics of a feline ear it is to be compared to breaking through the sound barrier.”

“That sounds very technical Tabby. I did not know you knew about sound barriers.”

“Of course I do. Every time a plane does it I can hear it.”

“But we have no airports near were we live.”

“Mrs. Human, when will you get the hang of it? You do not have to have an airport nearby. The airport can be in another country as far as I am concerned, we felines hear all and see all, we are perfect. And now leave me to sleep in peace and quiet now that the storm has finished, although there is another one coming.”

“I cannot hear it Tabby.”

“Of course you cannot. Do I have to explain it all again. Mrs. Human either you are not listening, or your human disadvantage of poor hearing quality is the reason.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Dramatic Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Dramatic Feline

    • Tabby doesn’t even look at me sometimes, she just ignores me. Anything that goes bang sends Tabby to the room at the back because she can dive under the bed. As soon as the bangs have finished, she appears again as if to say “What’s up Human??”, noise already forgotten.


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