Daily Feline Prompt: Apologise in meow


“Tabby, that is not a very good pose for my photo.”

“Mrs. Human, are you participating in feline photo of the year contest?”

“No, but I like to show you from your best side.”

“From my what? I am feline and do not have a best side. Do you realise you have again interrupted my sleep with your silly telephone camera.”

“Sorry Tabby, I did not mean to wake you. I was really being quiet.”

“You were not quiet, I heard the sound of the camera when you took the photo. It was an explosion on my ear drums. Do not forget we felines are sensitive creatures.”

“Sorry, Tabby, I forgot.”

“You are forgiven. What is this word “sorry”, it does not exist in meow. ”

“It is the human way of apologising if we do something wrong.”

“Apologising? Another word not existing in our vocabulary, be we felines never do anything wrong. Is it important?”

“It depends I suppose. If you happen to scratch another feline without intending to, the other feline would probably be more forgiving if you apologised for doing it.”

“I do not think so. If I scratch another feline, I do it with intention, and not by accident, and this “sorry” word involving “Apology” would not be recognised in any case. What a waste of words. We prefer a fight with fur flying through the air accompanied by howls and hiss to solve our problems. I am strongly of the opinion that one of the human negative characteristics is their lack of consideration for others. If they did it as we felines educate them to do it, there would be no need for constant “sorry” or “apology”. You could remove the word fromt he human vocabulary. We felines never found it necessary to have the word in the first place.”

“But Tabby, if we no longer have the word, what should we say?”

“Mrs. Human, thereĀ is no need for words, if you do it right the first time: pure feline logic.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Apologise in Meow