Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Musing


They call me Tabbiope in my culture circle, yes, I am the muse of music. I can meow in high notes, or low notes, according to my mood. Unfortunately Mrs. Human has no music taste, I often thing she is tone deaf. My meow is at its best in the early morning hours. That is when I enjoy serenading the humans to show the meow benefits. They do not realise I need an audience for the exquisite tones I produce.

I sleep until the early hours, and after a refreshing lick I am ready. I make my way to the bedroom door, which is usually closed and hear the sounds of sleeping humans, which are not exactly melodious. It is then that I first of all have a scratching practice on the door. It makes the humans alert and awake. There is no point in meowing if no-one is listening. And then I begin. My first tones are soft, accompanied by claw movements to keep the rhythm. I notice Mrs. Human wakes immediately, but I sense she turns over in her bed and sleeps on. I decide to now approach the crescendo in my meow, loud and clear with a slight intonation on the meow O-WOW, to enhance the melody. Still no reaction from the human audience, but they have no musical appreciation. I am being ignored.

Typical I suppose. I have also heard them singing, but that is when I usually retire in a quiet corner of another room and put my paws over my ears. Humans really have no musical appreciation.

Of course I have other talents. My scratches on the table leg are a work of art, although even this is not appreicated. Humans find it disfigures the wood and they can become very loud. Again I retire to a quiet place and meditate on the meaning of human life and their non-comprehension of the feline ways. I come to the decision that it is a subordinate race, and should be handled with sympathy and pity. Not all are lucky enough to be born as feline.

My scientific qualities are not yet developed. I must be patient, but when the paw friendly tin opener is available, I will attend a course on “How to use the paw friendly tin opener”. I am sure my humans will honour my new talent. I can then open the tins of tuna fish all on my own.

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Musing