Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Musing


They call me Tabbiope in my culture circle, yes, I am the muse of music. I can meow in high notes, or low notes, according to my mood. Unfortunately Mrs. Human has no music taste, I often thing she is tone deaf. My meow is at its best in the early morning hours. That is when I enjoy serenading the humans to show the meow benefits. They do not realise I need an audience for the exquisite tones I produce.

I sleep until the early hours, and after a refreshing lick I am ready. I make my way to the bedroom door, which is usually closed and hear the sounds of sleeping humans, which are not exactly melodious. It is then that I first of all have a scratching practice on the door. It makes the humans alert and awake. There is no point in meowing if no-one is listening. And then I begin. My first tones are soft, accompanied by claw movements to keep the rhythm. I notice Mrs. Human wakes immediately, but I sense she turns over in her bed and sleeps on. I decide to now approach the crescendo in my meow, loud and clear with a slight intonation on the meow O-WOW, to enhance the melody. Still no reaction from the human audience, but they have no musical appreciation. I am being ignored.

Typical I suppose. I have also heard them singing, but that is when I usually retire in a quiet corner of another room and put my paws over my ears. Humans really have no musical appreciation.

Of course I have other talents. My scratches on the table leg are a work of art, although even this is not appreicated. Humans find it disfigures the wood and they can become very loud. Again I retire to a quiet place and meditate on the meaning of human life and their non-comprehension of the feline ways. I come to the decision that it is a subordinate race, and should be handled with sympathy and pity. Not all are lucky enough to be born as feline.

My scientific qualities are not yet developed. I must be patient, but when the paw friendly tin opener is available, I will attend a course on “How to use the paw friendly tin opener”. I am sure my humans will honour my new talent. I can then open the tins of tuna fish all on my own.

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Musing

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Musing

  1. Dear Tabby — Sorry for my long absence but my human has been engaged in all kinds of time consuming stuff and hasn’t let me read your meowsages or write anything. Be assured that I am always your loyal friend, even if I don’t respond as often as I want to.

    I learned to sing from my early family, three Siberian huskies who loved to sing when they heard coyotes, ambulances, firetrucks or, in the case of my sister Cheyenne (RIP), eminem. I’ve given you a link to the song Cheyenne sang with — just the beginning. I’m not sure you or your human would really like the rest. Eminem was Cheyenne’s muse.

    Now I’m trying to teach my little sister to sing and she’s starting to get it. Our human usually sings with us. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Hello Dusty
      Glad you have returned. I was worried that you had buried a bone and was still searching for it. Thanks for the music, not exactly my taste, I prefer more sopran voices but the introduction of this piece appealed to me. The accompanying pipes were also quite musical. We felines are not so much into beat, prefer more the abstract form of harmony. The Unanswered Meow by Charles Paws Ives is more our music. Unfortunately it was copied by a human, but it appeals more to our harmonic sense.

      We should meet more often, but circumstances are not always ours to control unfortunately.
      Wishing you all the canine best – Tabby T. Cat

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      • Dear Tabby, My dear departed sister, Cheyenne, loved the pipes in the beginning of that song. This song you’ve sent me is very subtle and lovely. I’m surprised humans can hear it at all with their inferior hearing mechanisms. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog


  2. I just joined the musings today and my first go around was quick and simple, so, I opted to look around and lo and behold, cat musings, love it. My cat is on the garden bench with me sleeping, grooming and demanding some attention, not all at once, but on his time and need. Love our two cats. Nice musing!

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