Daily Feline Prompt: The Craving Feline


“Tabby, you are so quiet, is there something wrong, can I do something for you?”

“No, just leave me to a few quiet medidtative moments, I am making plans.”

“You are going somewhere?”

“No Mrs. Human, I am staying where I am. It is comfortable here, I can relax and organise your life for the next day or two.”

“Who’s life do you want to organise?”

“Mrs. Human, there are certain items that you tend to overlook in my care. I also have my cravings and my needs and they are not to be disregarded.

  1. tuna fish
  2. cat nip
  3. A diamond studded cat flap to be envied by the other felines
  4. Add some perches on the tree outside to make the bird feel comfortable and relaxed before I pounce
  5. Invite a few mice to make their home in the garden
  6. A mink cover for my sleeping cushion
  7. A cat litter box in every room in my home, so that I do not have to walk so far for my needs
  8. tuna fish
  9. My own computer with paw friendly keys
  10. Tuna fish

“Is that all Tabby?”

“I am not sure, I am still thinking about it. I crave so much.”

“I think you made a mistake. you have repeated tuna fish three times.”

“Yes you are right Mrs. Human, I should have written it at least five times, lest you might forget. Just put it on your shopping list or on your mobile phone where you list things that are important and should not be forgotten.”

“Are you sure you would not like your own mobile phone? You could then keep the list for yourself.”

“A good idea, I could then send it to your phone and you would have all the necessary information that you need at once. Yes, it is always better to be on the safe side. You can get me an iPhone in rose gold, not one of those cheap special offer phones . And make sure it has a nice cover, something with a Lion on it to match my character.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Craving Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Craving Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, I have been wanting to tell you what my little sister, Bear, has accomplished vis-a-vis tuna fish. She is picky about breakfast — I have never understood that because Mindy and I are happy enough to get kibbles twice a day, but Bear? Finally our human figured out a recipe for Bear’s meals that includes TUNA (with kibbles) every single meal. Not much tuna mind you, but the improvement to ALL our lives and diet as a result! Mindy and I get a bit of tuna and I get to clean out the can! So you might want to try Bear’s strategy which was to lean on our human and ignore her food bowl several mornings in a row. If you try this, please don’t tell your human it was my recommendation. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I admire your patience with the tuna fish. “not much tuna” does not exist in meow, but “as much tuna as possible”, Unfortunately ignoring the food bowl has never existed in my feline 9 lives. Food bowls are there to be respected, analysed and emptied, always leaving a respectable remainder. Did you know that pellet food has additional attractant, substances to lure unsespecting felines, and perhaps also canines, to eat it. I notice when Mrs. Human tops my bowl up with the dreaded vitamin pellets, everything tastes much better and more interesting. The remainder from the day before is boring and uninteresting. For this reason tuna fish is to be digested as quickly as possible. It is a natural product, with no added incentives and we will not be fooled by such human tricks. Think of this when your next tuna fish arrives, and do not forget to bark for more. I have a feeling that ignoring food is not a feline thing, but thanks for the information. It is always useful to have canine spies in the human world. They look at things differently and open new horizons.
      Have a fulfilled food day – Tabby T. Cat


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