Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Praise


“Tabby, I just emptied your litter box.”


“Just that you know I did it. Humans usually say thankyou if someone does something for them.”

“Big deal, another human means of communication.”

“We call it being polite and grateful.”

“Both words not existing in the pages of the meow dictionary. When you empty my litter box, were the contents replaced with feeling, making a nice flat surface.”

“Of course, as always. Tabby.”

“In that case you may go until I call you to fix my evening meal. What are you serving this evening.”

“I though perhaps something with chicken flavour.”

“You are cooking a chicken for me? At last something praise worthy.”

“Err, not exactly Tabby. I had to buy a new bag of your vitamin pellets, which are very healthy and give you all the nourishment you need. They are chicken flavoured.”

“Did you see them mincing the chicken and mixing the chicken into the pellets. How do you know it is genuine chicken and not just vitamin pellets dipped into some sort of chicken flavoured liquid.”

“Does it really matter Tabby? The main thing is that it appeals to your feline taste buds and you are happy and contented with the evening meal. Some felines would be happy to have such a wonderfully  balanced diat.”

“Mrs. Human, I am not some feline. I am the feline of your life and you should be grateful that I decided to take you into my possession. There are untold benefits in looking after me. I often think you just take me for granted. “Serve her a dish of anything, as long as it smells like chicken, she will believe it contains chicken”.”

“But Tabby, you look very healthy, you have a choice of beds, and there is always food and water.The uncle vet even mentioned you were putting on weight the last time we visited.”

“Stop fishing for praise Mrs. Human and the vet is not my uncle, just some sort of human that earns money in being cruel to felines. I should report him.”

“I thought the word “praise” does not exist in meow.”

“It doesn’t. I only said that to check if you were actually listening to the wise words I was saying. And now for a lick and a sleep. Do not forget, half an hour and my evening meal is ready – garnished with a sprinkling of cat mint.”

“Of couse, Tabby, how could I forget.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Praise

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Praise

  1. Dear Tabby, have you tried the strategy I mentioned yesterday for getting tuna more frequently in your dish? Our human went to the store today and came home with MANY cans of tuna. I think she’s really gotten the message. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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