Daily Feline Prompt: The Stubborn Feline


Felines are not stubborn
We are very nice to know
Just remember I’m the boss
Or you will have to go

I sleep most of the day
It is my own choice
I don’t care what you say
Important is my voice

My wish is your command
And I will stamp my paw
To enforce all my demands
I will purr down the law

I want a dish of tuna
At once, be very quick
I can also get quite hissy
If I do not get my lick

A tickle on my tummy
That is now my wish
I don’t care if you are busy
I want tuna in my dish

Humans need more training
Their life revolves around me
My comfort is important
That is definitely to see

There is a moral to this ditty
Listen to my meows
I have trained my Mrs. Human
to greet with many bows

I do my best to please her
she understands my whim
I have trained her very well
And now she is quite trim

Daily Feline Prompt: The Stubborn Feline