Daily Feline Prompt: Paint a Feline

“Mrs. Human, paint my portrait.”

“You want me to paint a portrait of you. But Tabby, I cannot paint. I can only take photographs and as you know I manage at least one photo every day.”

“That is not good enough. You will have to engage a painter to do my portrait. Then I will become famous when a painting of me is hanging in the national feline portrait gallery. Of course, not any painter, it would have to be something with style. I do not want any of that modern stuff where I have only one eye, with two different angles and strange colours and patterns. I would prefer something more in the natural look.”

“But that would cost a lot of money Tabby.”

“For the preservation of my beauty for future generations money does not matter. When my portrait is hanging in the gallery I will become famous, unforgettable. Surely you would be proud to know that my image would be preserved forever.”

“Of course Tabby. I could take a photo of you and change it in photo shop to make it look like a painting.


“How’s that Tabby?”

“Not bad for a first attempt, although my MacDonald’s “M” cannot be seen so well.”

“I find it quite artistic Tabby.”

“A matter of opinion. I would suggest you hang it next to my cat flap so that everyone can see who owns this place. Actually perhaps you could make a few of them. I would prefer one of my face full on, just to emphasis how good looking I am to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.”


“Do you perhaps prefer this one.”

“Yes, much better, it captures my mystery. I especially like the eyes reflecting my wisdom and the delicate pink of my nose. You are making progress Mrs. Human. Perhaps you could print about 100 copies of this portrait and distribute them in my area. My beauty will surely be recognised. Just let me know when the local newspaper and television station ask for an interview.”

“Of course Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Paint a Feline