Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Luxury Decisions


“Living a feline life is not always easy. I have just awoken from one of my frequent two hour sleeps and now I have a problem. Shall I make myself comfortable on the sun bed and stretch out my tired limbs for a rest, or curl up on the chair next to it. On the other paw the position of this sun bed, does not suit my disposition. I think I will take a place on the other sun bed, but there is a human problem.

Mrs. Human would you please leave that sun bed where you are participating of a human pastime.”

“Tabby I have no intention of moving as I am very comfortable here relaxing and reading a book.”

“Yes, but what about me?”

“What about you? You can be just as comfortable on the other sun bed.”

“It is not the same.”

“Of course it is.”

“No, this sun bed is free, there is no-one occupying it, which is very suspicious. Perhaps it is not a good sun bed, it might be uncomfortable or it is in the wrong place. Your sun bed must be much better. According to the laws of feline logic, if a place is already occupied, especially by a human, then it has already passed the test of comfort. In this case, you must move to the other sun bed, to ensure that I can sleep with no problems.”

“Ok, Tabby, look I have now moved to the other sunbed to ensure that you can rest with no problem.”

“About time to. Do we have to discuss these matters every time. Just a move would do the job.*

“OK, so now I can continue reading my book. But Tabby, you have now left the sun bed where I was so comfortable.”

“My decision. I discovered that it was not as comfortable as it looked and have now found a good place on the chair.”

“In that case I will return to where I was originally.”

“No, Mrs. Human, I am still not sure. Sit on the chair in the corner, until I make a decision. I am still thinking about it.”

“But that is an uncomforable chair. It does not have a cushion and I cannot relax.”

“You humans are all the same, really selfish. You take the best luxury places and expect us poor suffering felines to take what is left. We also have a right to luxury.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Luxury Decisions