Daily Feline Prompt: The Maybe feline


“Shall I, or shall I not?”

“What Tabby?”

“Go out into the unknown, put my paw over the boundary separating me and the outside world. There are decisions to be made, or perhaps I might return to my bed.”

“Well make up your mind Tabby, I want to close the window, there is a draught blowing through the appartment.”

“Mrs. Human, stay cool, do not disturb my train of thought. I think I will go, no I will stay, perhaps I might just remain where I am, thinking about it. I could take a short walk outside to examine the conditions. There is a cloud above, a grey one, it looks like there might be water falling soon. Perhaps I should remain where I am, otherwise I might get wet fur. On the other hand the sun is shining in the distance. Perhaps it might not rain, and the sun will return. Maybe I should stay where I am, just in case. I can always change my mind later and depart into the unknown.”

“Yes Tabby, but make up your mind now. I cannot stand here all day waiting for you to reach a decision.”

“No-one said you should stay here. Go and do something useful like opening a tin of tuna fish, or airing one of my beds. It might be that I decide to sleep a few hours. On the other paw, I have only just finished a mid morning sleep and I should perhaps exercise my whiskers and ears. I can hear sounds in the distance of the wind rushing through the trees. ┬áThere might be a storm coming. No I will stay here and wait.”

“Yes Tabby, but what are you waiting for?”

“Do not ask such complicated questions. How am I supposed to know what I am waiting for? That is one of the mysteries of nine lives, when it arrives I will know the answer. In the meanwhile, maybe I will be enlightened as to the meaning of it all.”

“The meaning of what Tabby?”

“I will think about it and maybe will let you know tomorrow. In the meanwhile I have come to a decision.”

“Good, then I can shut the window.”

“Perhaps, it depends on my decision.”

“But I thought you had made a decision.”

“I have, but now I have to sleep it over and think about it. These inportant life forming decisions cannot be made in five minutes, they take time. In the meanwhile you can shut the window, it is draughty and I do not want to catch a feline cold.”


Daily Feline Prompt: The Maybe Feline