Daily Feline Prompt: Feline surfacing


“Tabby, so you think your could surface for a few minutes.”

“What’s the problem Mrs. Human, I am sleeping.”

“But you have been sleeping all morning, and half the night.”

“I need my beauty sleep.”

“I have an important question. I have to buy a new pack of your special vitamin pellets, which flavour would you like.”

“They have flavours, they taste all the same to me.”

“Of course they are not the same. There is chicken, lamb and beef.”

“Do they have sparrow, pigeon or blackbird as well. Perhaps mouse :-)”

“No Tabby, they are wild birds and they are not processed for vitamin pellets, they are protected.”

“Protected from what?”

“From being turned into food for felines.”

“That is not true. Many are the tasty morsel of bird I have tasted in the past.”

“I know, but they are not processed and put into plastic bags to be sold as a healthy basis for feline food.”

“Rubbish, wild birds are even more healthy than the vitamin pellets, especially if they are freshly killed, although to be quite honest my hunting days are slowly gone. I no longer feel the urge and I have noticed that the birds are becoming very sly and quicker than my paws. Mice are not protected are they?”

“Of course not, but the food cost would be very high as mice are difficult to catch.

Perhaps you can no longer catch the birds  because you are now an elderly lady and no longer have so much energy.”

“Are you insinuating that I am not fit, and I am no longer capable of hunting. It is a matter of not wanting to Mrs. Human, I prefer to sleep and consolidated my strength for other tasks.”

“What other tasks Tabby?”

“Eating tuna fish naturally. As long as I have a human slave, why should I spend my energy on chasing birds or mice. Are you finished, can I now sink beneath the surface of sleep? I am not yet finished with my daily sleep ration.”

“Sorry to have bothered you Tabby. I know you really need your sleep to recover from the hunt for the tuna fish that is in your food bowl.”

“I have tuna fish in my food bowl? In that case I will save my sleep until later. I now have more important things to do.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Surfacing

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline surfacing

  1. Our dogs are deep into their morning rest period which follows closely on their night rest period which was a continuation of the early into late evening rest period. They have a hard life, hunting for biscuits, begging, etc. We even make them go OUTSIDE to do their business. Imagine that! What kind of cruel people would allow this?

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    • Tabby has stopped going outside, but I am not sad. She always left her traces somewhere near something that was growing in the garden. Tabby also has problems, when should she take the hour left after the 23 hour sleep for searching for a sleeping place. Yes, our pets have a hard life, full of responsibilities.

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    • Tabby said something about applying for the job as vitamin pellet taster to help improve on the quality. I had to convince her that butterfly flavours do not exist, one of her favourites in the meals in flight selections.


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