Daily Feline Prompt: The complicated sleeping life of a feline


It was a pleasant day, not too hot that I wished I had a zip on my fur coat, just the right temperature for a sleep on the lawn in the shade. However, there is a human element in this world which can complicate matters “now and again”, no replace that with the word “often”. Mrs. Human decided that mowing a lawn with a normal predictable lawn mower was far too easy and she purchased an automatic lawn mower. This did not really distrub me. I was sure she organised this new toy, with consideration for my well being and that she would have more time on her paws, sorry hands, to concentrate on my care.

This was a mistake. I should have drawin into consideration the human habit of not considering the complications that could arise. There I was, minding my own business and taking a relaxed sleep when I heard  a soft humming noise. I assumed it was one of those flying objects that tend to wear a striped fur coat and paid no further attention. The noise was approaching, it became louder. I can tell you it is not pleasant for a feline, who is accustomed to slip into another dimension when sleeping, to discover that an automatic lawn mower has decided to invade your territory.

This monster even gave me a push, as it to tell me that I was in the way. Me in the way. I am feline, the conquerers of the world, the creation once worshipped as gods, is being pushed out of the way by a mere human invention, an automatic law mower. To add insult to injury Mrs. Human was waiting for this to happen, to take a photo. She could have warned me, but she just laughed. What chance did I have to fight this invader of my territorial rights. I had to leave my comfort on the grass. My sleep was disturbed. I moved to safer pastures, beneath the tree away from the lawn and again entered my alternative dimension, dreaming of a fight with an automatic lawn mower wearing a t-shirt with the name “Mowey” printed on its material. Of couse I won, cutting through his wires of life with my sharp teeth and tearing them in pices with my claws. There is no automatic lawn mower that can conquer my power, especially in dreams.

Ok, it was only a dream, but felines do not have “only dreams”, our dreams are the real thing, to be met in our higher dimensions. Of course it is complicated, but creatures of a higher dimension of intelligence are often misunderstood. A human often finds our life complicated, but complication is a human invention, we just simplify it by our sleeping sessions.

Daily Feline Prompt: The complicated sleeping life of a feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The complicated sleeping life of a feline

    • Meow thanks, I do my best, but it can be a difficult task. They are slow on the uptake and it needs a lot of patience on my part, and unfortunately this word does not exist in meow, and I often think also not in human . They are so elementary in their thought process.


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