Daily Feline Prompt: Carry the Feline


“Mrs. Human, it’s raining.”

“Yes, I know. It was unexpected, the sun is still shining. Perhaps we might even get a rainbow.”

“Who cares about rainbows, what about me?”

“Rainbows are so nice and colourful.”

“Mrs. Human, I do not have the ability to see all colours of the rainbow, so no big deal. For me it is various shades of brown with a little green mixed in. But stop changing the subject. It is raining I said.”

*I still do not see a problem with rain. We need rain for the plants to grow and for water to drink.”

“My paws will get wet when I go into the garden. That is the problem.”

“Then stay where you are, and they will not get wet.”

“But I want to get to the other side of the garden and sleep in my favourite place beneath the tree. There it is always nice and dry and the water falling down does not harm my fur. I see only one small problem, but nothing that a human cannot help me with.”

“Of course, Tabby, I am always at your service to help.”

“That is why I decided to choose you from all the other human slaves Mrs. Human.”

“So what can I do for you.”

“You could pick me up and carry me over to the tree and put me down in a nice dry place.”

“Hold on Tabby, that is not the idea. I prepare your food bowl, clean your recycling tray and even make sure that you can choose from at least 3 different sleeping places. It is not in my contract that I have to carry you everywhere.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I will immediately amend the contract.

In the case of unexpected showers, the human slave is responsible for ensuring that her feline remains dry and protected at all times, day and night.

Just sign on the dotted line and add a finger print to be sure.”

“A finger print?”

“Yes, of course, it is something like a paw print, but with more emphasis. No, Mrs. Human, not with blue ink, use the red ink pad for such important details.”

“It thought you do not like being carried.”

“Correct, but there are situations where we make exceptions. No, not like that Mrs. Human, just lift me gently, supporting my back paws as we go. Just a moment, put me down. It has stopped raining.”

“Thank goodness for that, and look Tabbby, there is now a rainbow.”

“Where, those brown stripes in the sky, oh yea, we all love rainbows don’t we. And do not forget to put that conract amendment about being carried together with the other documents concerning my houshold laws.”

“Of course Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Carry the feline