Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Moon


“Tabby what are you meowing at. You are waking up the whole neighbourhood.”

“Mrs. Human, I am practicing. It will be a full moon tonight. You are not a genuine feline unless you have a strong meow to accompany the moon.”

Meow, meow, I can make you all swoon
Tonight is the night when I call the full moon
There is something in my whiskers that tells me to sing
I am a true feline, this is the real thing
A bird can tweet, a mouse can squeak
We felines are the best, our voice is not meek
There is something in a moon, that guides our cause
We can meow high or low, you can hear us through walls
This is our song to seranade the night
When the moon is round we are ready to fight
My mum met my dad at such a time
He was meowing quite loud, it was a fine rhyme
It was only a short visit, but mum was smitten
A few weeks later she gave birth to a kitten
There is a lot to be said for singing to the moon
Mum and dad got the message, they both had a swoon

“Tabby did you compose that song yourself.”

“Of course I did, I call it song to the moon.”

“What about your mum and dad, did they sing it as well.”

“No idea Mrs. Human. I cannot remember my mum and she could not remember my dad either.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Moon

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Meow Moon

  1. Dear Tabby, WOW! Let me see what doggerel I can come up with for the canine moon worship…

    Coyotes howl at the too bright moon
    My sisters and I awake in the living room
    Lily is first, she howls and yips back,
    The next thing I know she’s waked the whole pack.
    Cheyenny howls and Jasmine howls too
    “Try Dusty,” they say, “Howl at the moon!”
    I look at my sisters, lovely and brave,
    Singing in moonlight like wolves in a cave,
    I throw back my head, but I can just bark
    Like some Pomeranian at the dog park.
    “It’s all-right little Dusty. Just give it some time,”
    Says Jasmine touching her nose to mine.

    The years have gone by and now I can howl
    When the sirens blare, cops on the prowl.
    My human howls, too, in sweet memory
    Of Jasmine, Cheyenne and precious Lily.

    You always inspire me, Tabby. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      We should try a duet together. I am sure it would be a success. We felines usually sing solo, but as a backing group I am sure you would all be great. I suggested to Mrs. Human taking howling lessons, but she found a meowing feline is enough noise during the early morning hours. She was not impressed this morning, when I decided to do a practice. I am sure you all sounded lovely howling together.
      Here is a howling barking meow from me – Tabby T. Cat

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