Daily Feline Prompt: Feline eyes


“Mrs. Human, where is my bowl of tuna fish?”

“In front of your eyes Tabby.”


“Oh, sorry, I forgot that all felines are short sighted and see clearly only objects that are far away.”

“Are you insinuiating that I do not have perfect sight?”

“Of course not Tabby, insinuating does not come into the question. It is common knowledge that felines do not see clearly in front of their nose. They are creatures of the night, can see in the dark, and are able to notice a mouse at the end of the garden. It is only the objects in front of their¬†nose where they¬†have problems.”

“If that was true Mrs. Human, I would starve to death.”

“No problem tabby, as long as you can smell everything with your nose.”

“But you must admit that I have beautiful eyes, clear and perfectly formed. How comes you wear second eyes in front of your normal eyes?”

“They are my glasses Tabby, as my eyes are no longer so good for seeing things clearly. The glasses magnify everything and I can see better.”

“So if I wear glasses, I will no longer be so short sighted and see my bowl of tuna fish quite clearly.”

“I do not think that would work Tabby. You would have to have your eyes tested, probably by the vet, and have them measured for the correct magnification.”

“You go to a vet for your glasses?”

“No Tabby, I go to the optician, but you would have to go to the vet. And felines do not wear glasses. Where are you going?”

“I can see a mouse family on the other side of the field, might be an interesting hunt.”

“I cannot see any mice Tabby, where?”

“In front of your eyes Mrs. Human, perhaps you are short sighted.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Eyes