Daily Feline Prompt: The feline water


This is your bowl of water: not just any water, but yours, the water you must first of all examine with a careful eye, and nose. Does it look good, nothing unwanted floating on the surface: does it smelll OK, no strange aromas of other felines or impurities. It is also advisable to listen. Perhaps you can hear a soft throbbing, a hum, even a squeak. I know it is not possible, but do not trust a bowl of water until you have made a thorough examination. Humans do all sorts of strange things and call it improvement, I like my water pure, not shaken.


Before tasting the water, place your paw in the bowl carefully. How is the temperature? Is it too cold, too warm, the correct blood temperature. The paws are sinsitive organs and notice immediately if something is wrong. They are tuned to the correct temperatures at all time, and never let you down.


And now the final test. The tasting of the water. Lick it gently from the paw,, but do not swallow yet. Absorb the temperature, the consistency, and ask yourself “am I jeopardising one of my nine lives by drinking this water, will I survive, will I become the feline taster of the year.” Not all felines are gifted with such taste organs as myself.


This is the face of a happy feline, a feline that has tasted the water and found it to be perfect. A feline that knows what belongs to the art of water tasting. A feline that has tasted many waters, but has discovered that the best water is only to be judged by the paw test.

Felines do not jeopardise your choice of water by just drinking any water. Be sure that the composition, temperature and consistency is perfect and above all it must breathe. Do not be lead astray by water from a bottle. An open supply of water is the most perfect. Let it absorb the atmosphere, the vitality of the fresh air. Of course if there is nothing else available then drinking from the human tap is also OK. After all water is only water really.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Water

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The feline water

  1. Dear Tabby, Very interesting! We canines are not nearly as fussy — though you can be sure our super-sensitive sense of smell will quickly detect anything dangerously amiss with our water. But, we dogs are a thirsty species over all… Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      That is the difference. We felines tend to analyse our water, we know exactly where it came from and often the minute or second when it appeared. We drink it all the same, but some we drink and other we taste and let it run over the taste buds to get the essence.
      Tabby T. Cat

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