Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fifty


“Tabby do you realise that you are now 72 years old?”

“Rubbish, Mrs. Human, you are as old as you feel and we do not count years but lives. I have now lived at least half of my lives, according to the feline law, and things going well, there are still a few lives left. Of course, that is the earthly life, but there is also the non-earthly lives and that could add up to a few years more. In any case gods do not die, they live forever, so what’s the problem?”

“But according to the computer one year of a feline life is more than one year of a human life.

“Which life are you talking about Mrs. Human. You have to regard the age of a feline based on nine lives. Of course, when I get promoted and get my 10th life, then it all begins again. In the meanwhile many tins of tuna will be eaten before my tenth life arrives. How many lives do humans have?”

“We just get the one life Tabby.”

“That is not a good deal, I would complain.”

“That’s the way life is Tabby.”

“This is a problem. It means I will have to concentrate my efforts in human education. If you only get the one life, then we should not waste time. Perhaps you could do a night shift now and again.”

“No tabby, I am here for your needs 12 hours a day and the rest I sleep.”

“Perhaps you could practice cat sleep. You then get the benefit of being awake and sleeping at the same time. We call it infinity sleep, being ready for action at all times.”

“I don’t quite get that one.”

“It is easy Mrs. Human. You go to bed, but when you hear me scratching at the bedroom door, you are immediately there for my needs and comfort. You could even fit an extra meal in during the night, just something light. We do not like heavy nocturnal meals.”

“It seems to me you are quite fit for your 72 years, which are actually 14 in human years, so I think you can manage quite well on your own during the night.”

“But, we need full care and attention at all times, especially when we become old and frail.”

“Nothing old and frail Tabby, remember you were worshipped as gods and they are immortal.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fifty

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Fifty

  1. I calculate that Bonnie is somewhere around fifty in dog years, give or take a lie or two. She can jump twice her height and run for an hour at top speed. I couldn’t do that when I was 16, so I figure the dog-years-cat-years calculation is askew. They are not that old. They are young until one day, suddenly, they aren’t. They get a long youth and a short old age. I wouldn’t mind that. Maybe we SHOULD complain.

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    • I checked it in Internet, but it is a very complication equation for cat years. Two different sites came to the same human age of 72, so I suppose there must be some sort of logic somewhere. She is the only survivor of the three, but to me she is 200% cat. Her only recurring problem is hairball, but there it is her own fault. No-one actually tells her to eat grass, she does it now and again.


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