Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Learning

Tabby 22.08.2016

You put the left paw out
The right paw stays in
Close Your eyes
And sleep will win

It is quite easy
I learned it as a kitten
My mum said it was the best
With sleep I was smitten

Mum really taught me a lot
She said you have a tongue
So lick away on the paw
You begin to have some fun

Wipe the paw behind the ear
The fur becomes so clean
Do not forget the whiskers
Those you must carefully preen

Now it will become quite tricky
All felines learn the art
Sit and take it easy
and lick the private part

My mum knew how to do it
Even how to climb a wall
I remember the day when it happened
And I produce my first hair ball

You can really learn anything
you just have to know the how
I remember the very first time
I produced the perfect meow

I had to do some practice
It made the neighbours swoon
But I remember the night very well
It was because it was a full moon

Are you listening all the kittens
You must always have a wish
There will always be a reward
You will get a tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Learning