Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Miniature


Being a feline is not always so easy. I think it is the feet that bother me most of all. When I leave my place of sleep and make my way to the food and water, there are permanently feet in the way. It would be so much easier if humans had paws and would walk softly. Not only do they have feet, but feet make noise and cause vibrations.

We felines are quiet creatures, have you ever heard a feline before you see a feline? Of course not, because we make no noise, we are silent. Imagine planning to kill a bird or mouse and stamping around in the undergrowth. The hunted animal in question would soon disappear, alarmed by the noise you were making. Paws are silent, cause no vibrations. Now and again we show our claws, but only if necessary in defence. Generally they are our hidden weapon.

Look at human feet, their claws can be see at all times, and to be quite honest I find feet an usightly completion of a leg, and their claws are not exactly decorative, although sometimes they paint them in various camouflaged colouring, probably to hide their ugliness. They are not aesthetic to look at, but perhaps that is why humans tend to hide them in something called a shoe: another negative aspect of their foot.

To return to where I began, imagine being a gentle, quiet, innocent feline who means no-one harm and suddenly you hear the pounding of mega-feet coming closer. The humans wonder why I sleep so much. Of course I do, it is my main method of avoiding human feet. Find a quiet corner which humans cannot reach, most suitable on a high place, or in summer a place on the lawn. They leave you alone when on the lawn, because their shoed feet get dirty and they avoid dirt at all times, probably because even their tongue is not capable of a cleansing action. And something else, feet smell. I mean have you ever noticed that your feline’s paws smell. Of course not. We felines can only smell each other and a good sniff of another feline is no problem. Humans never sniff each other, probably because their own smell bothers them.

Funny animals humans, I will never understand them.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Miniature

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