Daily Feline Prompt: The Obvious feline


“Tabby, you should really move more. It seems that your photos lately are all in the same place. That is not healthy.”

“Mrs. Human, healthy does not exist in meow. It sounds something like movement and doing things physically. We felines are more into transcendential actions. First of all we thank about it.”

“And afterwards?”

“We think some more. You are never finished thinking. Often we have to sleep over the problem to come to a conclusion.”

“But you will waste away, just thinking, you should really have some action time.”

“Who says I do no actions when thinking. My brain cells are moving all the time. And it is too hot to move. You are not the example of an olympic gold medal winner, unless they now give them to bloggers and people that write things on the computer all the time.”

“I do not write all the time on the computer Tabby. In my spare time I care for you. Prepare your food, empty your recycling tray and ensure that you always have a fresh supply of water. It is quite obvious. All you do is complain about the heat and me.”

“How would you like to wear a fur coat all the time Mrs. Human? Of course we complain about the heat, until the feline furcoat with zip is designed.”

“But Tabby the fur coat is part of being feline. It is obvious.”

DSC_3166“Not really Mrs. Human. There was once a feline owing the territory next to mine, and that feline had absolutely no fur coat. He was naked, quite disgusting.”

“You see tabby, if you did not have a furcoat you would look like that nice feline, who was actually a sphinx feline.”

“I do not care what he was, he was not a real feline, that was obvious. He even entered my territory.”

“I noticed, you soon told him to leave. And now you could perhaps move to another place and stretch your legs.”

“The one thing I will not do is to stretch anything. I will lay here and wait and you will now finished what you are doing on that computer thing, there are more important things to deal with”

“Such as?”

“My evening meal, what other purpose would you have at the moment?”

“Of course Tabby, that is obvious.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Obvious Feline

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Obvious feline

  1. It’s hard for me to decide if I would rather have a naked animal (there are naked dogs, too, after all) or no pet at all. Some people have to make that choice. I really don’t know. Naked just seems kind of weird where there ought to be furrrr.

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    • I visited a cat show once and they had a litter of sphinx kittens. I loved them, with their naked bodies and enormous ears. I would have loved to have one, but they are very expensive, do not live as long as other cats and have to be washed at least once a week otherwise they begin to smell, so now I just admire the others. This sphinx belonged to a eighbour and I was suprised she would let it out like any other cat. However, she has now moved away, so no more opportunity for a photo.


  2. Dear Tabby, My sisters and I are currently in the season when we eject old fur as the new winter fur comes in. Our human spends an inordinate amount of time contending with the old fur. I guess if that’s what she wants to do, that’s what she wants to do. Strange creatures, aren’t they? Yours forever and always, Dusty T. Dog


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