Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Witness


“Same place, same time Tabby.”

“If you happen to have a human slave that watches every move and meow you make, I suppose you would tend to notice these things. What about you Mrs. Human? Same place, same time at the computer again.”

“That is something different Tabby. I am not sleeping, but am awake and being active. You are just laying on the grass, now and again you might turn to the left, lay on your back on turn to the right.”

“And? They are my gymnastic exercises to keep the blood flowing. The only part of your body that seems to be flowing are your finger tips when you are blogging. I do not know what you find to write about?-2

“At the moment I am writing about you with an illustration, although the photo seems to be the same one lately.”

“What am I supposed to do. Stand on my head? Balance on my whiskers? or perhaps do a dance on the lawn?

“That would be great Tabby, I am sure everyone would love to see the photos.”

“I am sure they would. I have an idea Mrs. Human. Serve me a dish of tuna fish and you can take a few photos of me eating it.”

“But it is not time to eat tuna fish at the moment.”

“You want action or not?”

“I suspect this is one of your crafty tricks to get an extra meal.”

“It is not crafty, but the sign of a very high IQ. And now leave me to sleep and stop watching everything I do. I have a few lives to relax with.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Witness