Daily Feline Prompt: Vice and the Feline


“Mrs. Human, away with the camera, I am having an intimate moment and do not wish to be disturbed.”

“It doesn’t look very intimate to me Tabby, after all you are only licking your paw and afterwards wiping it behind your ear.”

“Exactly Mrs. Human, we felines call it washing. We are self contained, independent and do not need things like showers and baths, or even bathrooms, but we still want our privacy. How would you like it if I took a photo of you in the bathroom with my pawpad.”

“That is something completely different Tabby. Humans do not want an audience when we take a shower.”

“Neither do felines.”

“But you cannot compare a shower to a lick on a paw.”

“It is all a matter of seeing things in the right proportion. What’s for dinner Mrs. Human?”

“Are you changing the subject Tabby.”

“Yes, I am hungry and I do not wish to talk about my private sphere on a blog. I do not tell everyone how you shower, and I do not want you to tell everyone how I manage my cleaning sessions. So what’s for dinner.”

“Vitamin pellets, chicken flavoured, with a side dish of cat nip.”

“Ok, no problem, but don’t look after I have eaten it.”


“Because I will probably have to have another lick to remove the crumbs.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Vice and the Feline