Daily Feline Prompt: The Fierce Feline


“Tabby you do not look so fierce at the moment.”

“It is a matter of interpretation. Actually I am very fierce and threatening as I am again being disturbed in my daily sleeping session with a human standing in front of me armed with a camera. Do you really not have anything better to do Mrs. Human?”

“But Tabby, I am again caring for you and you needs and writing all about your adventures and escapades.”

“You mean when I fought off the butterfly in the garden. That was really an act of bravery. I was studying the beautiful butterfly as it was flying towards a bush and hovering, deciding whether to land on the bush. It was all a matter of concentration. Shall I jump now and enclose its nice juicy tasty body in my paws, or will it be the wrong moment? Will it notice that a fierce, brave and talented feline is planning to transform this particular butterfly into its next meal, or will it fly on further, too high to reach. It was becoming my thrill of the day. I poised, hardly daring to breathe and made a decision.”

“Tabby, butterflies are so beautiful, I am not very happy with you when you regard them as an addition to your already balanced diet.”

“That is a matter of interpretation Mrs. Human. Have you ever tasted a butterfly. They melt in your mouth. First of all……..”

“That is enough Tabby, I do not wish to hear the gory details.”

“But I overheard you telling Mr. Human how tasty the chicken was that you ate yesterday for dinner.”

“That is different Tabby. I did not kill it myself, but bought it in the supermarket and cooked it.”

“I have nothing against you cooking a butterfly I catch. It would also be quite good if you could buy them in the supermarket, it would save the energy I have to use to catch a butterfly and you could also probably buy them in packs of 10.”

“Tabby, do I hear right? Humans do not capture butterflies as a meal supplement.”

“No they pin them on boards to show everyone their collection.”

“That is something completely different, that is science and serves the purpose for people to see various butterfly types in museums.”

“And? We felines devour them, which is also for a good purpose for our survival. In any case stay cool Mrs. Human, the butterfly escaped. Just as I was about to bring my two paws together it flew further, and it was laughing at me. My fierce expression and preparation was to no avail.”

“It was quicker than you are Tabby, after all you are also now a lady in advanced years.”

“Is that why you buy your chicken at the supermarket instead of hunting for it youself Mrs. Human, because you are also in your advanced years.”

“Tabby this conversation is leadng nowhere.”

“Oh yes it is, all this talking and meowing has exhausted me, I will have to continue my sleep. Wake me when my food bowl is preapared for the next meal. If you are quick enough you could perhaps catch that butterfly over there, instead of just taking a photo of it.”


“Ok, forget it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Fierce Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Fierce Feline

    • I am convinced a cat never sleeps. She always has a microscopic part of the eye open, that we do not notice, in case that something interesting might happen. The claws are always ready. I notice she has one particular claw that you can always see to be ready at the right moment.


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