Daily Prompt: Cats do not shiver, they sleep


“Ok Tabby, ready?”

“Ready for what Mrs. Human?”

“Today’s blog of course, your daily prompt.”

“Don’t feel like it, am too busy.”

“You don’t look very busy.”

“We felines do not always show our feelings. Inside I am stressed, it is not easy being a feline. We have so much to organise.”

“But I do all the thinking and organising for you Tabby.”

“No Mrs. Human, you are the animal that deals with the trivialities of my day, the things that are too insignificant to occupy my thoughts. Humans do not think, they work.”

“I thought that serving your food and emptying your recycling tray were important.”

“Yes they have their importance if you neglect these necessities of a feline life. That is why I employ you as my personal human: to deal with these trivialities and allow me to concentrate on more important business.”

“So what are you concentrating on at this moment Tabby.”

“Isn’t it obvious. Here I am laying on the grass and contemplating.”

“Contemplating what Tabby.”

“Important feline matters. It is not easy, but I will overcome the difficultes of my daily life. In the meanwhile you can perhaps smooth my cushion on the chair in your so-called bedroom.”

“But you are in the garden at the moment.”

“That is the springing point Mrs. Human “at the moment”. I am debating whether or not to move to a more comfortable place, away from the human disturbances in my daily life. Here I am frozen in time, my possiblities are limited, but on the chair I can expand my thoughts to other dimensions. I can perhaps solve the questions of the sleeping places of a feline life.”

“You are very philosophical today Tabby.”

“Always Mrs. Human, always. What is the meaning of life when you cannot choose your sleeping place. It has no meaning. Sleeping places must be ready and waiting. The time spent on searching for a new sleeping place could be used for something much more valuable.”

“Such as?”

“Sleeping of course, Mrs. Human, sleeping.”

Daily Prompt: Cats do not shiver, they sleep

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cats do not shiver, they sleep

    • I am not sure I want Tabby to read this. She might/will get ideas. She is already pawing a notice saying “More rights for felines”, and “longer sleeping hours for felines” and wall watching to see where the best place would be to put it.


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