Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Melody


I sing to a melody that begins with meow
The second line follows, I can tell you how
There are not many words, because felines don’t speak
We meow and meow to make your ears weak
When the moon shines we sing, it can be very loud
Mrs. Human does not like it, she is not very proud
But humans have no taste, they say it has no tune
They have no culture, they cannot sing to the moon
I remember my mum, she sang very sweet
‘Twas one of the reasons my dad she did meet
They sang a song together of lust, there was no loves
But they enjoyed every minute, they were two turtledoves
I can sing low, but prefer to sing high
So gather around felines, let us sing to the sky
We must be heard on this moonlit night
Do not be afraid, the dogs will not bite
The are busy with barking and burying bones
We are the champtions, in our dog free feline zones
This is my story of a meowful bright night
Singalong with Tabby, and you will be right.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Melody

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Melody

  1. My human speaks of the old ones
    The ones who came before
    There was Molly and Truffle and Kelly
    Followed by others, galore.
    The old ones listened to music
    They had their own favorite song
    Running up that Hill by Kate Bush
    Told them their walk would be long.
    They’d go up in the hills together
    Where rabbits and deer hide away
    With them our human would ramble
    Sometimes for most of the day.
    I think that is just a legend
    It has never happened to me.
    For me the best song is sirens
    Passing our house on the street.
    It’s then that I get the call of the wild
    I tilt back my head and I sing
    My human will often join me
    Our voices joined have a nice ring.

    Yours forever and ever in doggerel and catterel,
    Dusty T. Dog

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    • You mean more Robbie Doggie Burns type, no problem. Tabby is multi lingual. She speaks Siamese, Sphinx and Selkirk Rex, although it all sounds meow to me. Now and again she does interpretations from Bow Wow/Growl to Hiss/Meow using her claws to emphasise the point. She is very versatile.


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