Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Eclipse

Moon over Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

When the moon is high, way up in the sky
It makes me meow, whilst others do a howl
There is magic in its glow, my whiskers begin to flow
So let us be friends, under the the moon we are all the same
Whether feline or canine, we have nothing to gain.

“Hi Tabby, singing to the moon.”

“Of course Roschti, it is our night again.”

“Yes we felines must keep together. Let’s do a high five to prove it.”

“Ok, you raise your paw first and then I will follow.”

“Yes, that’s the way Tabby.”

“Shall we take a walk together in our territories to celebrate the moon Roschti?”

“Yes of course, no hissing or paw fighting, just enjoy the peace of the night. Tabby as long as we have a moon to do it by.”

“Of course Roschti – peace reigns as long as there is a moon, although I believe there is a cloud coming.”

“You mean?”

“Yes Roschti, I do. Time again.”

“OK, but I think we did our feline duty and made the most of it.”

“Do you want to hiss first, or shall I?.”

“Let’s do it together, ready.”

“Just a moment the moon has appeared again.”

“OK, peace until it disappears. Paw in paw we will continue beneath the light of the moon.”

Beneath the moon, the felines will swoon
All are equal, together they croon
But should it go, behind a cloud
The revert to dispute, they are again very loud.

“Tabby, I thought you and Roschti, the feline from next door, had made it up and were friends.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, it was only because of the moon. We felines respect the moon, and there are no disputes. We save them for afterwards.”

“Oh I see, learned something more about the feline way of life.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Eclipse

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