Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Plop


“What was that plopping noise Tabby?”

“No idea Mrs. Human, I did not hear anything plopping.”

“But it came from your direction.”

“Perhaps you heard my favourite claw popping out.”

“You mean the one on one of the back paws that you often see when you are relaxing.”

“Yes, that’s the one, my favourite claw. It is was the  sharpest in the colletion. I have to keep it moving, to make sure it is ready for combat. It was my best fighting claw”

“By the way Tabby, talking of claws, have you seen my nail file anywhere. I have been missing it for the last few days.”

“You mean that long metal thing I use for keeping my favourite claw nice and sharp.”

“You are using it for filing your claws?”

“I had to. My favourite claw was no longer as sharp as it should be and I wanted to order a claw file online, but they refused to accept my pawcard and said my credit had been stopped.”

“Sorry Tabby, but I had to cancel it.”

“But I need it Mrs. Human.”

“There was a problem with the nail file you ordered. You wanted the one with the diamond studs.”

“Of course, only the best is good enough for my claws.”

“But it exceeeded your credit. They asked me if I was prepared to pay it for you and I refused.”

“But it is your duty to ensure that I have the best treatment at all times. I might have to report you Mrs. Human for claw neglect.”

“Tabby, a thousand dollars for a paw file even exceeds my credit. Why cannot you use a tree trunk as a scratching post ike any other feline.”

“Because I am not any other feline. I am me and only the best is good enough for my favourite claw. How can I show that claw when I need it. Look at the blunt end. I will become a joke.”

“And if you continue to used my credit card for your luxury purchases, there will be only healthy vitamin pellets in you food bowl and your ration of tuna fish will be stopped. I will no longer be able to afford it.”

“Mrs. Human you are becoming very intolerant.”

“Sorry Tabby, but that word does not exist in human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Plop

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