Daily Feline Prompt: Twinkle Tabby

M - Tabby

Twinkle, twinkle ferocious cat
How I wonder what you’re at
Sharpening claws  for the tuna tins?
No I am thinking about chicken skins

“Now that is not nice, I do not like that mime”
“I know Mrs. Human, but was all that would rhyme”

I am Tabby the feline, I love to shine
My claws are twinkling , shapened so fine
On a moonlit night I go for a walk
Not to see stars, but the mice I do stalk
Our eyes are constructed to see in the dark
dogs are no problem, we can hear them bark

Look, there is a mouse, I think I will pounce
The stars gave a twinkle, the mouse did a bounce
I think I’ll go home, there is nothing to win
I can hear Mrs Human opening a tin

Daily Feline Prompt: Twinkle Tabby

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