Daily Feline Prompt: The Elegant Feline


“What do you think Mrs. Human, would this photo be OK?”

“For what Tabby?”

“The most elegant feline 2016. They are running a competition on Pawbook and we felines are all subjecting our best photos. I found this photo would be suitable, it shows me in surroundings suited to my elegant style.”

“Yes Tabby, it is a very nice photo, especially with the flowers and the contrasting leaves.”

“What about me. It is all about me, not flowers and leaves.”

“But the scenery is quite beautiful, the way the greens and violet colours complement the photo. I am sure this photo will be a winner.”

“Mrs. Human, I do not think we are reaching a level of understanding here. This photo is all about me, I am the goddess of elegance situated on the the path. My beauty has been highlighted by the surrounding scenery.”

“Yes definitely Tabby, you have positioned yourself in the right place. Situated at the back of the photo, surrounded by the beautiful vegitation. the photo is a good example of natural composition.”

“But what about me?”

“Oh, well you look ok Tabby, did you have a good lick before the photo was taken, and clean your claws?”

“I continously wash myself and sharpen my claws Mrs. Human. I am perfect, the most beautiful feline in the Pawbook competition.”

“But that photo of Roschti, the neighbour’s feline, is also quite good. I find his red fur corresponds nicely to the green of the natural vegitation.”

“Just a moment, all this talk about red fur and green. Mrs. Human no feline will notice any of these colours, they do not exist in the meow world remember. Our eyes are designed to see in the dark, not to see pretty colours. Even the sky looks brown to us, so what’s the point. The idea is that my presence on my photo will qualify as a winner for the compeition.”

“What is the prize Tabby?”

“My photo will appear on the Feline Calandar for 2017.”

“Which month?”

“Which month? We felines do not do months Mrs. Human, it will be on the front page.”

“But what happens if Roschti wins.?

“Roschti will not wim, he does not stand a chance. Next year is a Tabby year.”

“How do you know?”

“It is according to the Feline almanac of course.”

“What about the felines with red fur?”

“I think that will be in 10 life times.”

“Sorry Tabby, this is getting a little complicated.”

“No problem, just send a contriubution to pawpad in support of my photo to ensure that I win.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Elegant Feline

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