Daily Feline Prompt: The Rechargeable Feline

Tabby 09.09 (1)


“Meow, hiss.”

“Tabby, did you hear me, it is time to wake up.”

“Hiss, go away.”

“Tabby, it is afternoon and you have been sleeping all day.”

“What’s the problem.”

“You are sleeping your life away Tabby.*

“Which one?”

“The life you are living of course.”

“No problem. I live multi lives. At the moment I am transcending from two and a half to three, so I still have 12 lives to go through.”

“According to my calculation, if you are now on 2-1/2 you only have 6 lives left.”

“You are fogetting the partial parts of the lives.”

“Partial parts?”

“I depends on what day it is, the temperature, whether it is raining and of course what you have prepared for my lunch. There is also a certain influence from the moon and the stars, as well as the wind.”

“That sounds very complicated Tabby.”

“It is, that is why I need more time to sleep it over, which infuences my life count. Could you perhaps give me a short tummy scratch, between the two front paws? Oh yes, that is great. And now remove those stalks handing over my head, they are very discouraging.”

“But Tabby those stalks are my chives. You could perhaps move a little and then they would not bother you so much.”

“That doesn’t work. I am now in a good constellation. My brain is receiving uplifting waves from the surroundings. If I move, the complete ascendent of the whiskers will be destroyed, as well as the ear wave receivers Move the chives and I will be able to relax in an eternal circle of transcendential anthropomorfelinism, meaning a conflict between ascribing feline characteristics to non felines, especially to humans. I am sure this will solve all problems arising from our contingency.”

“Do what?”

“In other words, just leave me to sleep, unless there is something more worthwhile to do.”

“I was just going to prepare a dish of salmon for your meal Tabby.”

“Ok, forget the sleep. The solution has be found, due to deductive reasoning.”

“You mean?”

“The conclusion of an argument follows with logical necessity: I am hungry and will be fed. My batteries have now been recharged.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Rechargeable Feline

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