Daily Feline Prompt: The feline Zing


I want zing in my life
I went for a walk
Met a bird on the way
But he did not talk

I went searching for zing
For a purpose in life
On the way met a dog
And then we had strife

Life is so hard
For a feline it seems
I only get zing
In the depths of my dreams

The vet has some zing
He gives me a jab
I do not get high
And find it not fab

What I need is some pep
Something new, something great
But am only a feline
And that is my fate

There is only one way
To fulfil my one wish
Mrs. Human I am home
Give me tuna fish dish

I now have my zing
it is all that I need
Perhaps because I am cat
And it belongs to my breed

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Zing

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