Daily Feline Prompt: The perplexed feline

Tabby 13.09 (3)

“There are times when feline lives are not so easy Mrs. Human.”

“You have problems Tabby?”

“A feline never has problems Mrs. Human, the problems have the feline.”

“Oh, I see, simple feline logic.”

“Yes, or course, at last you are getting there. I was observing my bowl of water and decided to take a few laps of its cooling fragrence. It was then that the problem presented itself from the bowl.”

“The bowl was empty?”

“Of course not, it was one paw high, but where to begin. The bowl is round and I had to discover which side of the bowl had the best water.”

“That does not sound so logical.”

“Of course not, that is where human logic is at fault. We felines know that the water on one side of the bowl is different to the water on the other side of the bowl which means that the quality of the water is not always the same.”

“Then how can you solve the problem Tabby.”

“First of all we think about it, then was have a hours sleep to examine the various possibilites of a solution. Afterwards we go into action with the paw.”

“With the paw?”

“Of couse, just common feline sense. You cannot solve such dilemas with whiskers or even the tail, the paw is the key to the solution.”

“The paw?”

“Mrs. Human do not repeat everything. The paw is the all telling solution to the water problem. You dip the right paw in, then the left paw in, you wiggle it around and then….”

“You do the hokey cokey?”

“Mrs. Human are you laughing at the feline law of logic.”

“No, Tabby, of course not.”

“We felines do not do this hokey cokey whatever. We now compare the two paws and make a decision.”

“You have solved the problem.”

“Not quite I am still thinking about it. In the meanwhile I will sleep it over.”

“Yes, of course Tabby, very wise.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The perplexed feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The perplexed feline

    • Meow Dusty
      I suppose we are all different. I developed my own paw testing programme after analysing the pros and cons of the system. The con is that you have a wet paw afterwards, but the pro is that after making the paw wet you can lick off the water, Not only is the water body warmth, but it is not so exhausting by having to bend your head all the time to lap it up. I also decided against the four-paw system. There is only enough room in my bowl for one paw.
      Drink well, Tabby T. Cat

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dear Tabby, my humans are slowly learning. I now have a water bowl next to my food ball downstairs, and another on the landing beside Mr Human’s shoes should I be much too thirsty to make my way downstairs.

    I have found, however, that the best water can be found in Mr Human’s glass tumbler. There is usually one opportunely placed on the table within easy reach – head first works best.

    Yours, Chocolat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meow Chocolat
      Glad that you have a your humans under control and have such good training programme. Have you ever tried their overlarge water bowl that they now and again incorporate in their recycling programme. When it is not occupied you can hop on the ledge and balance with the paws. Just lower your head to reach the water source and then there is a constant supply of water, fresh and clear. Of couse, this method is only to be applied if you are alone in this quiet chamber. Humans tend to act offended if they notice a feline is occupying the construction – something about privacy.
      Meowfully yours Tabby T. Cat

      Liked by 1 person

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