Daily Feline Prompt: Passionate Feline Observations


You might not think so, but this is one of my most passionate moments. I am full of action, metaphorically speaking. This action is an internal event. I am observing the situation. Water is falling from above, which is a feline problem. It is the transition from above and below that causes the problems of differing balance. Are you with me? Does not matter, it is difficult to express the feline basics to mere humans who tend to lose the logical connections on the way.

It is raining, the rain is falling and under negative circumstances could fall on my fur. This is one of the reasons I generally remain in a sheltered resting position. If I was passionately pawing around in the garden, my fur would become wet, would stick togeher, and might even begin to smell. Not that it is dirty, I am a very lean cat, but due to biological processes, damp fur smells. Have a lick before and after each meal, and sometimes in between, I am always clean. Falling water is not advantageous to my perfect biological constitution. We felines are not designed for rain. This is the reaon why we decide to reduce all movements and absorb the atomosphere in a dormant position.

At this very moment I am observing the development of the falling water and have come to the conclusion that eventually it will stop. It is then that I will attack with a passion. you see the bowl, filling with the falling water. This water is special, has flavours that cannot be compared to the water that a human usually serves. It bring the flavours of the clouds and the substances from other dimensions. What is beyond the clouds? That is the essenceĀ of the rain vintage. Secret elements evolve and diffuse bringing flavours that no human has ever been able to taste. Rain is the premium grand cru of water. There is a passion in the precision of the rain clouds.

Daily Feline Prompt: Passionate Feline Observations

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Passionate Feline Observations

  1. Dear Tabby, I was very passionate earlier today and got a stern look and a “Dammit, Dusty, other people live in this world!” It wasn’t about people. It was about Joan, the dog next door. I passionately hate that fence that keeps me from meeting and playing with her. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Not wanting to be a source of discouragement Dusty, but I must admit there are times when a canine call can be an annoyance. We felines have no problems with fences. Remember they are not only there to keep you out, but also to keep the others away from infringing your territory. I believe canines do not have such problems with territorial rights, they seem to be more sociable. We felines tend to be suspicious about everything else, sometimes even about other felines.
      Tabby T. Cat

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    • Tabby says the sphinx cats are always on the search for the meaning of feline life, and also some fur. They can get very philosophical, probably because they do not mix with the others. Although Tabby tells me that felines do not mix with anyone, unless it is the right time of the month or the moon phase is in the correct segment.


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