Daily Feline Prompt: Stylish Feline


“That is a perfect photo Tabby.”

“I know, one of my stylish poses.”

“I was thinking more of the background.”

“I am reduced to a figure with a background? I am the most stylish feline around here. I am the center point, the main theme of the photo. By the way how do you think pink claws whould look on me. It is the latest cry in feline fashion.”

“No Tabby, you are a feline, and I am not going to paint your claws. You would look stupid.”

“But it would be something original. I promise not to scratch you when you are painting them and will be very still.”

“Tabby, I don’t even paint my own finger nails and I do not have pink.”

“Red would do just as well, or perhaps silver. Just something different. I would be the most stylish feline here.”

“And what happens when you need to sharpen your claws. The nail varnish would quickly disappear.”

“No problem, you could paint them again. Or perhaps just pour the varnish into a bowl and I could dip my claws into it. They would then be covered on the back as well as the front.”

“And wherever you walk there would be paw prints from the nail varnish that remained on the paws.”

“Of course not. You know where I walk lotus blossoms rise from the ground. We established that fact on yesterday’s blog.”

“We also established that you are not Siddartha, but Tabby the feline with the normal nine lives, and not the enlightened one he who achieves his aim.”

“Mrs. Human, I always achieve my aim.”

“But I am not going to paint your claws pink, red, black or blue, so forget it, and you are not Siddartha.”

“What about filing them to nice sharp points at the end.”

“You have a tree for that Tabby, although I notice you normally use the table leg. But you do have a unique MacDonalds “M” on your forehead.”

“That’s true. I know what we will do, you could perhaps colour the “M” blond, it will be the envy of all the felines in the neighbourhood.”

“I must admit, it will be stylish.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Stylish Feline

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