Daily Feline Prompt: The Generous Feline

Male Blackbird 22.09 (17)

“Look Mrs. Human, a bird.”

“Yes Tabby, I can see him, how sweet.”

“Do you think so? I do not have a sweet taste, really, I was thinking it would be quite nice on the savoury side. There are so many ways of preparing bird. Of course, I am not fussy and raw does the job just as well.”

“Tabby it is not very often that a bird visits us in the garden, and he is definitely not here for an addition to your diat plan.”

“It is a matter of taste Mrs. Human, although I am not fussy, but the feathers could be a hindrance to my digestive system. Perhaps you could pluck it first of all before roasting it.”

“Tabby you will leave your claws from that bird. He is visiting our garden for a supplement to his food plan. He will not be plucked or roasted.”

“Yes, raw food is also very tasty.”

“No, definitely not. He probably has a wife and children waiting for him at home in his nest for the food that he will bring them.”

“You mean there are more of them. In that case I have decided to wait before the final pounce. I will just follow him at a distance and see where he is going. Although there  are human words about a bird in the paw is worth more than in the nest, so perhaps I should now pounce and make the most of the tasty morsel of bird.”

“You will not pounce Tabby, and we say a bird in the hand is worth two in the tree.”

“All the more reason to pounce now, because I cannot climb trees so well.”

“Tabby, no way. Eat your healthy vitamin pellets, they are chicken flavoured.”

“Flavour is not the same, there are no meaty bits to chew. And now he has flown away. Did you have to make so much noise by clapping your hands Mrs. Human.”

“Yes I did, I saved his feathers from forming an extra meal for a feline. Birds are not to be digested Tabby but to be observed.”

“That is a matter of opinion, although I always observe them before I attack.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Generous Feline

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