Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panic


“Tabby, Tabby! There you are.”

“Of course I am here, where else should I be – no panic. I was relaxing in a wonderful sleep until I heard you panicking.”

“I had not seen or heard from you for some time and could not find you.”

“I discovered a new resting place in your kitten’s room. It seems your overgrown kitten was not here and I discovered this comfortable place. As soon as my paws touched the surface, I realised it was made for me and my luxurious fur. I fell asleep immediately until being awakened by your excited and panicky voice.”

“But I could not find you. I searched all your favourite sleeping places, I even went outside to see if anything had happened. Thank goodness I found you.”

“So now the big panic is over, can I sleep further. By the way I do not have favourite sleeping places, I have sleeping places. Favourite depends on the time of day or night, whether they fit my mood and according to the condition of the nerves. Sometimes I need a soothing place, far from the human influence, which is usually an open door to a cupboard. Sometimes I like to be on the top of the world, in my cushion on the cupboard, where I can look down on my territory and control all the movements in my home.”

“Yes Tabby, that is when I get nervious because you are very high on the cupboard and I worry that you might fall.”

“Mrs. Human, I am feline, I do not fall, I float downwards, and always arrive on my paws. It is the feline law of gravity.”

“But your litter sister Nera once broke her leg because she fell.”

“She did not fall, we were plying who could get to the top of the cat gynmastic center first of all, and I won. She just had bad luck.”

“Which cost me a lot of money.”

“There you have it again, no real care about my condition, I am just a question of what I cost.”

“Of course not Tabby, I think of you every time I see a new delivery of tuna fish at the supermarket. If you had an accident it would be quite expensive to visit the vet.”

“No-one expects you to visit a vet. my injuriesare self healing, being the Siddartha of the feline tribe, with the lotus flowers where I walk.”

“Yes Tabby, forget the lotus flowers, I have never seen one here.”

“Not yet Mrs. Human. And if you saw one growing between my claws you would panic in any case. Forget and let me sleep. I am now in your ovegrown kitten’s room in case you have another panic attack, OK?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panic

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Panic

    • Meow Dusty
      Yes Humans are strange creatures. They make a fuss about nothing sometimes. As soon as Mrs. Human hears the melodious hiss of a feline outside she runs into all the rooms and checks that I am at home. She then sits down and is happy. I wonder what she would do if it was my melodious hiss outside having a territorial debate with another feliine. Perhaps it would be worth putting it to the test. On the other paw, why bother, It is reassuring to know that she would fight my battles for me.
      Enjoy the day – Tabby T. Cat

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