Daily Feline prompt: Feline Test

Tabby“I see that Mrs. Human has left the window open, so I will take a walk into the unknown. I can hear birdsong. I am a very keen birdwatcher, and study very carefully their shapes and sizes. I prefer the full bodied bird. I am not so keen on those that just have wings and bones. They must have some layers of nice juicy meat on their bodies. Shall I take the path to the right or the left. Life is full of decisions.  I believe the birds in question are settled in the tree straight ahead

which means to keep on the straight path.”

“Tabby, where are you going?”

“Shhh, Mrs. Human, you wil disturb the course of nature. Look the birds have now flown away because of the noise you were making.”

“You are not telling me that you are on a bird hunt Tabby. There is enough food at home. Leave the birds alone.”

Tabby“But Mrs. Human, it is all a part of the test I have to pass in my ornithology lessons. I am not hunting the birds Mrs. Human, I am studying their movements.  I am making notes of their habits, and tastes, and if I pass the test I will be rewarded.”

“I did not realise you were so interested in bird life.”

“Of course I am Mrs. Human. You cannot just pounce and kill. Most birds have a second sense and fly away. You must be wary, and careful. Creep up on them slowly, to maintain the surprise effect and, of course, be as silent as possible. When the birds are convinced that you are no longer there, pounce. If you have learned the lesson well, there will be fresh bird for the evening meal, unless you would oblige by roasting them Mrs. Human? I might even be top of the bird study class.”

“Forget it Tabby, there will be no roasted bird or anything like it. You have your healthy vitamin pellets if you are hungry.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human, of course Mrs. Human.”

“Tabby, are you not feeling well. I though you did not like vitamin pellets.”

“I do not have a big choice do I?”

Daily Feline prompt: Feline Test

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline prompt: Feline Test

  1. Dear Tabby, This morning when our human let us out, there was a squirrel on our fence! My little sister and I immediately charged the fence, but the squirrel did it’s evil squirrel thing and climbed up an electric pole. I let it think I was disappointed and I hung my head and trudged off into the dog run, but it’s a ruse. Next time that squirrel will not be so cocky. Hunting is something I’m not sure humans really understand, but it seems every morning and evening there is some kind of kill in our bowls. I don’t know when she does it. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      That is exactly what I mean when explaining to Mrs. Human, if a the bowl is full of vitamin pellets, there is no kill. It has died before it was attacked – no fun. We do not get squirrels in my territoriy. For some strange reason they stay away from our garden. I also have a suspicion that Mrs. Human does not kill the tuna fish, but it is already dead when she buys it. Just one disappointment after the other.
      Enjoy your kill – Tabby T. Cat

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