Daily Prompt: Feline values


Meow – Tabby reporting from a valuable place in my own valuable world. Mrs. Human is busy doing something that is absolutely not valuable, as it has nothing to do with me. Valuable means I, me and myself. I am now sleeping, at least having a feline sleep. I am floating in a dimension unknown to humans. My mind is expanding into valuable depths. I am intensively concentrating on where my next sleeping place will be.

I have noticed that the days are getting shorter and my fur coat no longer supplies the intensive warm and insulation needed when I sleep and so I must involve myself with analysation of a suitable sleeping place. Curling up on a chair outside is fine if the humans leave me to my state of unconciousness, but I need more. I have a memory of a place high above on a cupboard in my home. I spent many happy hours relaxing there last year. I know I deposited my scent there to make sure I would find it again and I sincerely hope that Mrs. Human has not been doing one of here compulsory human cleaning sessions with that noisy monster that removes any traces showing that I have been there, called vacuum cleaner. I warned her that this is an insult to my values, removing my carefully placed aromas in my home.

Now let me have a sniff. Yes it is getting closer, that never to be forgotten Tabby aroma. If I turn my head to a place above, I can definitely smell the familiar values of a time when the leaf soldiers had left, those that fought their battles by falling from the trees, and when I could curl up for a daily sleep of 23 hours, reserving the remaining hour for food and a search for a new sleeping place.

Oh the values of a feline life are something special, to be treasured.

“Mrs. Human, I am no longer sleeping. I would like a bowl of tuna fish, garnished with a potato chip and afterwards I will retire to my cushion on top of the cupboard for my night’s ¬†valuable sleep.”

I think she heard me as I can hear the valuable sound of the tin opener and feel the values of tuna fish juice tickling my taste buds. Yes a well trained human is a valuable asset to possess.

Daily Prompt: Feline values