Daily Feline Prompt: Careful Feline


“What do you think Mrs. Human, is it safe to leave my home.”

“Of course Tabby, I can see no danger.”

“Mrs. Human you do not see what I see. There are things moving outside. The leaf soldiers are beginning to gather and planning an attack..”

“But they are only leaves Tabby. The are not heavy and float on the wind. It happens every year.”

“Exactly that is the problem. It never stops. I just notices another problem approaching Mrs. Human. It has four paws and whiskers and is not my friend.”

“You mean Roschti. but he is a feline like you. I am sure you can go and play together. Perhaps you can join forces in fighting the leaves.”

Roschti 08.10 (2)

“I don’t think so Mrs. Human. We do not join forces to fight anything. It is every feline for itself and I am not going to allow Roschti to fight my leaves. He has his own leaves to fight. I am not having him moving in on my leaf territory.”

“But the leaves are there for everyone Tabby.”

“No, there is a clear border between my leaves and Roschti leaves. My leaves fall on my side of the fencs and his leaves fall on his side.”

“What about the leaves that fall outside of the fences.”

“That is soething to be discussed in a paw fight, accopanied with a few hisses and scratches. Afterwards the winner takes the leaves, if there are any survivors.”

“You mean there are casualties amongst the leaves.”

“Of course, accidents can happen. If we sharpen our claws carefully before the battle commences, there are not many surviving leaves.”

“How do you know who wins.”

“That is obvious, the feline with the most dead leaves.”

“But they are dead when they leave the trees.”

“It is all a matter of interpretation. For me they are dead when they lay on the ground and are no longer moving.”

“But it could be that a gust of wind will shift the leaves.”

“That is why we have to be ready to pounce, to stop them moving to the other territory. It is very simple and all is fare in leaf battles. The winner takes it all.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Careful Feline