Daily Feline Prompt: Clumsy Feline


“Tabby did you make that mess around your food bowl?”

“What mess Mrs. Human.”

“There are lots of vitamin pellets scattered on the ground.”

“Oh, that. I was looking for something.”

“But why throw the pellets all over the floor.”

“It was that day of the week when you serve tuna fish, so I though it might be beneath the vitamin pellets and I was searching for the fish.”

“Tabby I will definitely not cover tuna fish with vitamin pellets: it is one or the other, but not both. That is no excuse for making a mess in your food corner.”

“No problem, you know where the human instruments are for clearing it away.”

“You should have thought of that before being so clumsy with your tasty food pellets.”

“So where is the tuna fish.”

“I decided to serve it tomorrow.”

“You do not have decisions to make Mrs. Human. Decisions are a feline thing. As the wise feline Paws Plato said “A good meal is based on tuna fish and not on vitamin pellets”..

“Then you will have something to look forward to tomorrow.”

“No Mrs. Human, that is not the idea. Today is tuna fish day.”

“Tabby stop stamping your paw in your water bowl, you are splashing it everywhere.”

“I will stamp my paw when and where I want to, I am annoyed, I want my tuna fish.*

“Think of all the poor felines that never have tuna fish.*

“I am Mrs. Human, I have just joined them. If only the paw friendly can opener was invented. I would open a tin myself and eat tuna fish until it came out of my whiskers.”

“Too much tuna fish is not good for you Tabby.”

“Neither are too many vitamin pellets. I have only one choice left.”

“No, Tabby, are you producing a hair ball.”

“Yes, just watch me – hair ball or tuna fish.”

“But that is Tabbymail”

Daily Feline Prompt: Clumsy Feline