Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Candles


Who needs candles? Mrs. Human seems to be organising one of those bloggy things again with a candle. Not that I have anything against candles, but my ancestors were not keen on fires. Something to do with the witches they adopted. Mrs. Human sometimes lights candles in the evening. We felines find our way without candles, actually without anything. I do not even get this evening thing, it all looks the same to me, day or night. The only difference is that I might be sleeping when the humans are awake, and I want some action when they want to sleep. Another conflict sitution between Mrs. Human and me.

She even leaves a light burning in the kitchen during the night, although I never discovered the reason. Both the humans are sleeping so how comes they need a light. I definitely do not need a light. I always see where I am going. We felines have a remote controlled eye which switches light on automatically when it is dark. You see, we are way ahead of humans in our development stage. I tell you when we get the paw friendly tin opener and develop the opposable paws, then things will change.

We will at last take our rightful place in the organising of life on planet earth. There will no longer be hard vitamin pellets to eat, although perhaps our feline scientist might develop something similar for humans to keep the fresh kill for felines. In any case I noticed Mrs. Human prefers her birds to be cooked and I have never seen her chewing on mouse bones.

Yes, there will be big changes one day when the world belongs to felines. In the meanwhile I will have a sleep and think it over.

“Mrs. Human, wake me up when my food is prepared, just a portion of tuna fish with a sprinkling of cat mint, to enhance the flavour.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Candles

One thought on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Candles

  1. My cat Mao was a Siamese. An old-fashioned one. Big. Talkative. Smart. He used to “hide” on the fireplace mantel. Behind the candlestick. It just hid the middle of his head, but I guess he didn’t know that. It was very funny because he was a rather plump kitty and stuck out on both sides.

    I think we have an almost identical set of brass candlesticks. With green candles in them.

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