Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Trust

Tabby 15.10.2016

“About time Mrs. Human. I do not have all afternoon to wait for you to write my blog. Where have you been?”

“Tabby I decided to go for a walk. The weather is very pleasant and I wanted to take some photos on the way.”

“You have no business going for walks without my permission when I want to pen my feline thoughts. I have a public waiting for my words of wisdom. It is very frustrating. I have a reputation to maintain. You cannot just go for a walk because you feel like it. You could at least have asked for my permission. It just goes to show you cannot trust a human.”

“But Tabby, I thought the word “trust” does not exist in meow, so taking a walk is not such a problem.”

“I decide when and how a word exists in meow. Today the word “trust” existed in meow whilst you were taking a walk.”

“And now?”

“And now I can dictate my wise words of Feline trust for my daily feline blog and have decided that the word “trust” does not exist in meow. You have now broken my trust in the human race.”

“It seems to me you suit your meow dictionary according to how you feel.”

“Exactly. Whilst you were taking a walk, without my permission, I discovered that this was a breach of trust and thus the word existed. As Albert Paws Einstein remarked “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” The small matter was your walk, which was really of no importance to me, and the important matter is my feline blog, which is still waiting to be completed, so write. I will dictate in meow and you can do a simultaneous translation.”

“But Tabby. that will take too long.”

“If you had a paw friendly computer, I could write it down myself.”

“And if you had opposable paws you would not need me.”

“Unfortunately one of the reasons I have to trust a human. So let’s stop wasting time with this unnecessary discussion. You have more valuable things to do. I am hungry so feed me.”

“Of couse Tabby, at once. Tuna fish or vitamin pellets?”

“Is that a question or a threat? Typical ┬áhuman, probably an attempt at a joke and the word “joke” does not exist in meow.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Trust