Daily Feline Prompt: The Urgent Feline


When it is raining, there is no speed
I will bide my time, I have all I need
There is a human slave, to prepare my dish
Which usually contains some tuna fish

I have no need for urgent, although I can
I leave all the stress to Mrs. Human
I give here the “look” with my pleading eyes
I know how to do it, I am very wise

In the evening there is time when I have to wait
She goes to her table and prepares her plate
I then make my way to sit at her feet
She tosses me offerings which is usually meat

And now I must go, I hear a turn
A tin opener is sounding, there are things that I learn
I will soon be fed, it is a human quest
To satisfy my needs, for me only the best.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Urgent Feline

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