Daily Feline Prompt: The Waiting Feline


“Mrs. Human, come at once.”

“Tabby, at once does not exist in human.”

“Then invent it, it is urgent. I thought it was a human word.”

“Tabby every time I want something from you, you tell me it does not exist in meow.”

“That is because it does not exist in meow. We felines are perfect. If we started to adopt human words in meow, chaos would  rule. We felines are organised and cannot use srange human words like “wait” or “just a minute”.”

“So what is so important that you cannot wait.”

“It is a question of my existence. As the French master feline Honore de Whiskers Balzacpaw said “An unfulfilled meow vocabulary drains the color from a feline’s entire existence” and now open the window, at once.”

“Aha, what is so important?”

“Do not ask silly human questions Mrs. Human, open the window.”

“But you have your very own cat flap in the window. You just have to give it a gentle push  with your nose and you can go out.”

“Mrs. Human I am not in the feline mood for wasting valuable feline time in pushing open cat flaps, apart from the fact that it is degrading for a feline to push anything with its nose. Our noses are meant for more important things, like sniffing out mouseholes and finding birds. Now I really do not have the time to wait, open the window.”

“OK Tabby, just for some peace and quiet I will open it. Your winy meows can be very annoying. What is so urgent outside?*

“I have a distinct urge to roll on the patio. It soothes my fur and gives me a feeling of perfect Siddartha felinismus. Just watch how the lotus blossoms spring from my pawing movements.”

“Is that all? I have never seen a lotus blossom spring from anything on your paws up to now.”

“Of course not, because I have to go through that stupid idiotic cat flap. It takes all the inspiration away from my paws.”


Daily Feline Prompt: The Waiting Feline