Daily Prompt: Ancient Felines


Of course we were here first. Humans were not even sitting in the trees eating bananas when we arrived. The were still earthworms. We had it all planned. First unpack the mice and let them run free and return to our bith planet Koschka and wait a few hundred years until they had gone forth and multiplied. Bastet had made the plans carefully. You see Koshka was getting a little overcrowded. We blamed it on the Main Coons. They were the result of an experiment to have bigger and better felines, but they got too big. That was why it was organised with a special ship to place them on American soil. There was more room and they liked to go on long walks. They called their territories states.

And then we had the Egyptian experiment. That was the beginning of it all I suppose. It all started when we planted the Mau felines, as we called them because of the noise they made, in the sand. It was perfect. The ideal recycling tray. The mice were their first and there was never a hunger sitution.

One day there was a problem. The humans discovered they could leave the trees and begin to walk upright. They were carnivores and threw the bananas away, or gave them to the apes. We were also carnivores,  so you can imagine there were a few conflict situtions. We soon got it sorted. Bastet organised a shipment of corn with instructions, in human language of course, about how to plant it. Humans always did everything we felines told them to do, just a question of good training, and the corn began to grow. The humans began to harvest, another Bastet idea. They stored the corn in chambers which was the feline intention. We then had it all, a perfect recycling plan. The corn grew, the mice came to eat it and the humans watched their havest disappearing until we felines arrived in the corn chambers and began to kill and eat the mice. This was when they began to worship us as gods, which we are of course.

That is the story of the beginnings of civiisation today. And the planet Koshka? It is still there in its orbit, but remains on the other side of the moon. We do not want to be discovered. We are still in the process of developing the genetic formation of opposable thumbs, as well as the paw friendly tin opener. According to what arrives first of all, we will beam ourselves down to Earth with a few felines of the new generation and this time we will do it right. Who needs meow when it can be done by gods.

Daily Prompt: Ancient Felines

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