Daily Prompt: Millions of felines


“Tabby, I was thinking.”

“Does it hurt Mrs. Human?”

“Tabby, you should show some more respect for the human race.”

“Oh, I do Mrs. Human. Where would we be without your opposable thumbs and the tin opener. Not to mention that we would have to empty our own litter boxes and  fill our food bowls ourself. By the way my litter box should be emptied I noticed, since at least an hour.”

“But you were sleeping Tabby”

“And now I am awake, so clean it.  You were going to tell me a revelation amongst human thoughts.”

“Yes Tabby, I thought you might like to have a little playmate, perhaps a kitten so that you would not be so lonely.”

“We felines are never lonely, it does not exist in meow, so forget it. This is my home, my territory and there is no room to share. You have not by any chance made endeavours to bring another feline into my territory.”

“Oh no, tabby, I was just thinking it might be a good idea. You have plenty of room to share.”

“Mrs. Human you are using words that I do not find in my vocabulary, hence they do not exist. Forget it, I am one in a million and you should go on your knees and be thankful that you have me to feed and spoil. I am unique, see the lotus flowers sprouting from my paws as I walk.”

“Tabby I only see dead vegetable matter that you have dragged in from the garden.”

“Then use your imagination.”

Daily Prompt: Millions of felines

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Millions of felines

  1. Ah yes this made me laugh, I recently brought home a second cat, from Greece, he was a stray, now he deigns to let me feed him (and remove the ticks he picks up wherever he roams when he is not eating) my first cat remains unamused 6 weeks later..

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    • They are not very sociable creatures are they. Tabby’s litter sister Nera (the only feline she would entertain) was a long haired black feline, a perfect home for a tick. They seemed to live together in symbiosis. We have one of those nice light tiled floors. It looked like a blood bath if I trod on one when it had a good feed on Nera.

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      • No or only selectively so, say, when i am giving them freshly cooked fish for dinner, then they are super sociable, or at least tolerate each other as long as theyvsee two bowls… Ticks we have a white tiled floor too, i suspect I will experience the tick bloodbath down the road, what fun. Must check to see if he picked another load today ,….


  2. When I brought Parker home (at 6 weeks old), Kitty, my 7-year old was so upset I had her at the vet to be treated for depression. Seriously. They never got along. The vet said sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. No kittens for me, either….unless a lonely homeless hungry little kitten would knock at the door……

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    • It seems to be a typical kitten thing. Tabby and Nera, litter sisters were born together, grew up together, and there was never a problem. When Fluffy arrived, he was never welcomed with open paws. Now and again there was a spit and a paw swipe, but nothing dangerous. Felines are just not very social creatures. Perhaps we should have postponed the famous operation, but there would have been too many kittens – Fluffy was a male.

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